Building a remote light switch using RaspberryPi

What kind of cat loves raspberry?


…actually I know one, who is a huge fan of Raspberry Pi…it’s CHOCOLATE from the ConfigCat team 🙂


  • Raspberry Pi 2/3 with:
  • python3
  • ConfigCat python SDK
  • (‘GPIO Zero’ integration to any hardware) - optional
  • ConfigCat subscription (free plan is enough :))

How to hack App Store review times?

Use Feature Flags, and you do not need to worry about the ambiguous Apple App Store review. Also, you can forget about the release trains or the good old days when PMs are running around in the office with flame-throwers.


A fable about disaster recovery


Let me tell you a story about the myth of the Friday Release. Newbie QA guy was finishing up his tasks on a Friday evening after hours. The office was quite empty at that time, only a few people left.