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AND Conditions in Config V2

· 2 min read
Alex G. Mircean

Config V2 introduces a powerful new feature: AND conditions. These conditions enable you to create more sophisticated Targeting Rules, allowing for precise feature deployment based on multiple criteria.

And Conditions


For example, you can now customize your feature rollout to users who meet several conditions simultaneously, such as residing in a specific country, using a particular email domain, and various other string matches. With AND conditions, you gain granular control over feature deployments, ensuring more personalized experiences for your users - especially with the ability to combine more conditions together.

Let's dive into an example to illustrate the effectiveness of AND conditions. In the featured image, the flag is configured to hold a truthy value for users residing in Mexico or Canada AND whose emails end with the string AND who registered before 2024.01.01. Conversely, it holds a falsy value for all other users.

And Conditions Example

For a detailed overview of the exciting new features in Config V2, take a look at our post here, or at our YouTube video below.