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A look back at ConfigCat's growth in 2021

· 2 min read
Alex G. Mircean

Being so busy in between releasing new features and achieving significant milestones, we tend to forget how much we've got done up until that point. As such, our active customers have enjoyed our product, but they also continue to find greater value in it as their subscriptions grow.

Keeping our clients

First of all, we're proud to say that our average revenue per subscription kept growing throughout 2021. This doesn't only mean that our active customers have enjoyed our product, but that they were finding a constantly growing value in it by upgrading their subscriptions.

average revenue per subscription

We've also recorded a constant growth rate for the number of new subscriptions to our service. The number of total subscriptions grew by a whopping 212.5%, which led to the monthly recurring revenue climbing up by 291% as well.

active subs

Great collaborations

Last year was a success in terms of acquiring new clients. We've shaken hands with Localiza (the biggest rent-a-car company in Latin America), another health company with more than 30B$ annual revenue, our first American bank, and even The Government of Iceland.

Organic traffic

We've also noticed some progress in the organic traffic on our website. We've made it one of our action points for 2022 to up our SEO game for bringing even more traffic.

organic traffic

Keeping our service up to modern standards

In 2021, we experienced a DDoS incident (more about that here) from which we learned a lot. So, to have a secure and up-to-date product, we've taken some serious initiative to integrate new layers of security. We've integrated Cloudflare's services over our infrastructure for better traffic management and stability, and we've added DDoS protection and an extra layer of DNS-based traffic managers.


We've also worked hard to include our feature flagging services right into the dashboard with our integrated marketplace app and also right into Visual Studio Code with our own ConfigCat extension.

Looking forward

We've already accomplished some great goals this year - like the release of our React and Kotlin SDKs and getting ISO 27001 certified. But we're always looking forward to improving our product. You can have a peek at our Public Roadmap here if you want to know a little more about what's coming up next.