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ConfigCat has grown 5x in 2020

· 2 min read
Gergely Sinka

We tend to move quickly from release to release and forget to honor the magnitude of our achievements during the year. Let this post be here as a milestone for the ConfigCat team to stop for a second, look back, and celebrate the preposterous performance we did.

Requests per month Total config JSON downloads by 28 Dec, 2020


  • Monthly new user registrations doubled.
  • config JSON file count tripled.
  • Our customers created 3x more feature flags than last year.
  • And flipped the switch 4x more than before.
  • There are on average 2400 config JSON file downloads every second.



  • The business has grown 5-times this year.
  • Became one of the Top 3 feature flag services available.
  • Landed several Fortune 500 companies to become happy subscribers.
  • Featured on Product Hunt.
  • Partnered with GitHub Education.
  • Accepting USD payments to favor US-based companies.