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Why do we keep planting trees? And how far we've come?

路 2 min read
Gergely Sinka
"Not all code paths return a value." - VS

Deforestation in the world was an issue long before it became a major problem in the 21st century. For centuries, it has been a struggle to supply our need for timber and produce goods from wood without destroying this forest resource. There is now more than one billion hectares of forest that have been either lost or badly damaged in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Madagascar and Mexico.

MyForest sign on a field source: MyForest/Facebook

The Understated Importance of Clean Code

路 10 min read
Vlad Spatariu
Preparing to appease our future AI overlords.

Good code is one of the most valuable commodities in technology. Code quality can affect everything from code execution time and application load times, to how easy it is to maintain, read, and debug.

It can also play a significant role in your company's competitiveness. If your competitors are spending more time fixing bugs than adding features, then they're losing ground to you.

Clean Code is important

Two Technical terms that can save your project!#

Code Hygiene goes hand in hand with avoiding Tech Debt and these two should be THE backbone of your company鈥檚 philosophy!

Heavy industry, AI and feature flags - a fruitful customer success story

路 8 min read
Raluca Mih膬il膬
Marketing Strategist focused on sustainable solutions for a Wellbeing Economy.

At the beginning of this year, Andrew Reeman from Control Point was kind enough to join our conversation about what we actually do differently at ConfigCat, or at least interesting enough so that it only makes sense for our clients to stick with us and for those who didn鈥檛 try our approach and products, to do so.


The Eucalyptus VC Case Study - How Feature Flags Helped Grow the Business!

路 6 min read
Vlad Spatariu
Preparing to appease our future AI overlords.


When growing any product or service, it鈥檚 to constantly gather feedback from your user base. And I mean constantly, else you risk losing focus from your real clients鈥 needs and priorities.

Let鈥檚 Talk Real-World Experiences#

To drive this point home, I figured that the best course of action was to collect some valuable insight from a third-party. Joseph Harris, who works at Eucalyptus was kind enough to take the time and offer just that.

How to send feature flag change notifications to DataDog

路 3 min read
Endre Toth
Large scale enterprise development expert. The father of our SDKs and infrastructure.

Thanks to the latest CI/CD tools and services, software companies can now deliver multiple releases in a week. Over the release process, it's expected that DevOps professionals keep their eyes on the monitoring dashboard and roll-back the deployment on the first suspicion. Since the use of feature flags gets more and more traction, it seems like a good idea to connect those releases and the monitoring tools.

DataDog Dashboard

ConfigCat has grown 5x in 2020

路 2 min read
Gergely Sinka
"Not all code paths return a value." - VS

We tend to move quickly from release to release and forget to honor the magnitude of our achievements during the year. Let this post be here as a milestone for the ConfigCat team to stop for a second, look back, and celebrate the preposterous performance we did.

Requests per month Total config.json downloads by 28 Dec, 2020

Amplitude and ConfigCat: A Guide on User Segmentation with Custom User Attributes

路 6 min read
Jan Sipos
One good test is worth a thousand expert opinions.

Separating your customers into distinct segments will help your product in all sorts of ways. It can help you track the usage of your app in a more meaningful and granular way. It can also reveal how specifically different segments behave differently, which will help you prioritize future feature development as well as focus your marketing efforts.

Graphs and charts representing user segmentation