Feature flags for teams

10 minutes trainable feature flag and configuration management service with unlimited team size, awesome support and no surprises.

No trial period. No credit card.

Trusted by companies of all shapes and sizes

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Cross-platform feature flag service

Toggles icon to symbolize feature flags

Turn your features ON/OFF using ConfigCat's Management Console even after code is deployed.

Target icon to symbolize user targeting capability of ConfigCat

ConfigCat lets you target user segments based on region, email, subscription or any other custom user attribute. We support % rollouts, A/B testing and variations.

Cloud icon to symbolize ConfigCat as a cloud service
ConfigCat is a hosted service for feature flag and configuration management. It enables you to decouple feature releases from code deployments.
Plug icon to symbolize easy integration

We provide open source SDKs to support easy integration with your Mobile or Desktop application, Website or any Back-end system.

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We proudly support

We believe that easy integration between your application and ConfigCat is key. So we have created open source SDKs with detailed documentation and getting started guide for all major platforms: .NET, Java, Android, iOS, Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, Angular, React, Python, Go, Ruby.

If you think something is missing, please let us know. Also, we are happy to help with the integration.

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Billed monthly
  Free Pro Unlimited Dedicated Infra
  No credit card, no trial period On-premise or managed
  € 0 / mo € 59 / mo € 249 / mo € 1,799 / mo
  € 0 / mo € 49 / mo € 199 / mo € 1,499 / mo
Uptime (SLA)
Uptime (SLA) 99 % 99.8 % 99.9 % 99.9 %
Guaranteed requests
Guaranteed requests
5,000,000 / mo
~ 2 / sec
25,000,000 / mo
~ 10 / sec
250,000,000 / mo
~ 100 / sec
5,000,000,000 / mo
~ 2000 / sec
MAU unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Connected instances
Connected instances unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Trees planted 🌳
Trees planted 🌳 - 1 10 20
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Feature Flags &
Remote Configuration
Feature Flags & Settings
Feature Flags & Settings 10 100 unlimited unlimited
Environments 2 3 unlimited unlimited
Products 1 3 unlimited unlimited
Targeting rules
Targeting rules 4 8 unlimited unlimited
% rules
% rules 4 8 unlimited unlimited
Team Management
Team size
Team size unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Permission groups
Permission groups 1 2 unlimited unlimited
Security & Access
2FA checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
SSO checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Azure Active Directory
Azure Active Directory checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Audit log
Audit log checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Audit log retention
Audit log retention 7 days 35 days 35 days 35 days
Product Demo via video conference
Product Demo via video conference checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Email checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Live Chat
Live Chat checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Slack Community
Slack Community checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Integrations & Notification
Webhooks 1 3 unlimited unlimited
Slack checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
CircleCI checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
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Free access to Student Plan via Github Student Developer Pack.


How secure is it?

A 256-bit unique API Key protects your feature flags and configs. It is roughly a billion times more likely to get hit by an asteroid 3 times in a row than someone could guess your API Key.

How hard is it to integrate?

We have created SDKs for all major programming languages with detailed documentation to make integration between your application and ConfigCat super easy.

Do I have control?

With ConfigCat's Team Management you can grant and revoke user-level access to your feature toggles and configs within your team.

How dependent my application will be?

Automatic fallback mechanisms are built-in to ConfigCat SDKs that will always provide a valid response to guarantee the smooth operation of your application.

Is it going to slow down my application?

Frictionless integration with your application is the ConfigCat SDKs' greatest advantage. You can customize them so they fit the lifecycle of your Mobile, Desktop and Server applications even in the most uncommon use cases.

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Use Cases

Laptop with a screenshot of ConfigCat Management Console with feature toggles Laptop with an image of ConfigCat logo. Half colorful half greyscale

Separate marketing releases from code deployments

This way you can deploy code anytime the development is done or even incomplete. And turn on the feature later when you are ready.

Soft launch, just like the cool kids

What if you could release to 1%, 5% or 10% percent of your user base before big bang to see how they react or how the infrastructure is going to hold on? Soft launch, canary release or phased rollout are not buzzwords for the privileged big players anymore.

Rapid disaster recovery

What could possibly go wrong? Right? By implementing feature flags or feature toggles in your application, you are adding emergency kill switches in the same time.

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Laptop with a screenshot of ConfigCat Management Console with feature toggles and targeting settings Laptop with an image of ConfigCat logo. Sliced to four parts from colorful to greyscale.

User targeting

Targeting segments of users based on region, email or any attribute lets you gain full control over who sees what at any given time.

A/B testing theories on real users

Let's test the Design Team's and the Marketing Team's new idea on two group of users of the same size against each other to see which converts better. This could be done in production environment with real users.

Eating your own cat dog food

Dogfooding is when an organization uses its own product to test real-world usage. This helps you maintain your reputation and demonstrates high confidence in your own product.