Customer Success Stories

Discover Real Success Stories: Learn How Our Customers Achieved Their Goals with ConfigCat Feature Flags

Their Remarkable Success Stories

Two phones showing the a mobile app. moves faster than their competition

Learn how utilize cutting-edge technologies like ConfigCat and feature flags to gain a decisive edge in the market.

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Industry worker welding.

Heavy industry, AI and feature flags - a fruitful customer success story

Andrew Reeman from Control Point discovered how ConfigCat works wonders for their pipeline utility services, revolutionizing their approach to utility management.

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Eucalyptus and ConfigCat logos

The Eucalyptus VC Case Study - How Feature Flags Helped Grow the Business!

Embracing feature flags not only provides Eucalyptus with much-needed flexibility and improved response times for various scenarios but also grants the company a significant marketplace advantage over competitors, all while minimizing the risk of over-engineering solutions.

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Laptop with a two colored image illustrating canary releases.

Portico - How Feature Flags Helped a Property Management Company Grow

Portico's adoption of ConfigCat feature flags seamlessly enhances their commitment to efficient development and deployment, augmenting their rigorous CI/CD pipelines and testing practices to support property managers in their growth journey.

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InfluxDB provided a video guide demonstrating their use of feature flags for A/B testing

Gavin from InfluxDB created a step by step video guide on how they use feature flags for A/B testing on real users in their frontend application.

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