LaunchDarkly vs ConfigCat

ConfigCat approaches the feature management field a bit differently than LaunchDarkly. This page is meant to highlight the most important bits that differentiate us.

Key Differences

Service SLA 99.99% 99.99%
Feature management GUI yes yes
User targeting yes yes
A /B Testing yes yes
Team Size unlimited in all plans pay per seat
Forever Free Plan yes no
Server side MAUs unlimited unlimited
Client side MAUs unlimited limited
Data Governance yes no
Percentage based feature roll-outs yes yes
Security Features included in all plans paid
GDPR Compliant yes yes
Public API yes yes
Support yes yes
Integrations with 3rd party services yes yes
Open Source SDKs yes yes
ConfigCat screenshots

How Different is ConfigCat?

ConfigCat is a fully-featured, complete Feature Flag Service. It delivers all of the features that you should expect from a premium Feature Flag Service, at a very competitive price.

The ConfigCat Dashboard lets you set your Feature Flags, the CDN then distributes the Feature Flags which your application downloads and evaluates. See how ConfigCat works.

Privacy in Focus

Your Privacy

ConfigCat is GDPR compliant and we are happy to sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) also to meet the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Your Customers' Privacy

ConfigCat evaluates the feature flags on the client side, so the architecture guarantees that your customer's data will never leave your system. See how it works

Unlimited Team Size

You can have unlimited team members even in the Free Plan. Scale your team as large as you like. By setting granular permission levels for each team member you have complete control over who sees what in your organization.

Unlimited MAUs

Enjoy an unlimited number of Monthly Active Users (unique users who visit your website or application) with any plan. We do not charge for MAUs, instead we measure the amount of config JSON downloads. This allows for a pure-traffic approach and is a cleaner and more direct way to measure organic growth and costs.

Try ConfigCat Free of Charge

We know that making a conscious decision takes time, so you can stay on the free plan for as long as you want. The Forever-Free plan allows you to use the entirety of ConfigCat's feature-set without any time limit or pressure to upgrade whatsoever.

Data Governance

Global CDN


Choose if you want to keep your data within the EU datacenters to be GDPR compliant or harness the power of the global ConfigCat CDN with geo-location based load-balancing. See the docs on Data Governance

Industry Standard Security Features for Free

Unlike most of our competition, we believe that security should come free. All of our subscription plans including the free one comes with all security features.

  • Audit Log

    Essential from a compliance perspective, an audit log shows a complete record of actions and changes that took place within the organization.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    All major authenticator apps (like OneLogin, Microsoft, Google, etc.) are supported.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Unlike in LaunchDarkly, it's included for free. All the major SSO providers are supported.

Public Management API

To access the ConfigCat platform programmatically. Its purpose is to provide the same functionality as the Dashboard UI only for automation tests, tools, or scripts.

Stable Uptimes

Our SLA is one of the most stable that you can get, with at least 99% uptime for the free tier and a minimum of 99.9% for any paid package. Check status monitor

Free99%No Free Plan
Pro99.9%99.9% for Enterprise Support Customers
Enterprise99.99%99.9% for Enterprise Support Customers
99.99% for Premium Support Customers
Dedicated Hosted99.99%N/A
Dedicated On-PremiseContact UsN/A

Transparent Pricing Tiers

No hidden fees. Pricing is based on the number of config JSON downloads that your traffic generates, so you'll never pay a penny more than you have to. We offer a forever-free plan that you can use for as long as you need to. We operate with predictable, convenient fixed-monthly rates.

Billed monthly
     Hosted or On-premise
 Free plan illustrationPro plan illustrationSmart plan illustrationEnterprise plan illustrationDedicated plan illustration
 Forever free feature flags for everyone.More environments and flags.Unlimited resources.Ready for custom agreements.Private cloud managed by you or by us.
 $ 0 / mo$ 99 / mo$ 299 / mo$ 849 / mo$ 4,499 / mo
Uptime (SLA)
Uptime (SLA)99 %99.9 %99.95 %99.99 %99.99 %
5 million / mo
~ 2 / sec
25 million / mo
~ 10 / sec
250 million / mo
~ 100 / sec
1 billion / mo
~ 400 / sec
6 billion + / mo
~ 2400 / sec
20 GB / mo
100 GB / mo
1 TB / mo
4 TB / mo
24 TB/ mo
Need help deciding? - Here is the Plan Calculator!
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Feature Flags &
Remote Configuration
Feature Flags &
Remote Configuration
100 Feature Flags
3 Environments
3 Product
/ flag
/ flag
3 segments / product
8 targeting rules / flag
8 % options / flag
Team Management
Team Management
2 permission groups with
unlimited team members
Security2FA, SSO, SAML, Active Directory
DevOps & Automation
DevOps & Automation
3 webhooks
Tech debt tools
unlimited webhooks
Tech debt tools
unlimited webhooks
Tech debt tools
unlimited webhooks
Tech debt tools
SDKs.NET, Java, Android, iOS, Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Go, Ruby, Elixir, Dart, Kotlin, C++
IntegrationsSlack, Jira, Trello, monday, Datadog, Zapier, GitHub, Terraform, Amplitude, CircleCI, Bitbucket, Bitrise, Zoho, VSCode
Audit log retention
7 days35 days35 days
2 years
2 years
ComplianceGDPR, ISO 27001:2013
Best effort
Email, Slack community
for an additional costfor an additional cost
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Special Plans for Education

ConfigCat offers tailored plans for students and teachers, designed to enhance educational projects with feature flag services.

Awesome Support and True Transparency

Talk with our developers directly in our Community Slack. Ask anything, we speak tech.
Check out our public roadmap to see what we're working on.

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