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CircleCI Orb

This utility discovers ConfigCat feature flag usages in your source code and validates them against your feature flags on the ConfigCat Dashboard.

The ConfigCat Feature Flag Reference Validator CLI tool is available as a CircleCI Orb to integrate with CircleCI workflows.


Get your SDK Key from the ConfigCat Dashboard and store it as a CircleCI environment variable with the name CONFIG_CAT_SDK_KEY in your project settings.

Then you can use ConfigCat's Orb as a job:

version: 2.1orbs:  configcat: configcat/feature-flag-reference-validator@1.1workflows:  main:    jobs:      - configcat/validate-flag-references

Or as an individual command:

version: 2.1orbs:  configcat: configcat/feature-flag-reference-validator@1.1jobs:  build:    docker:      - image: 'circleci/python:2.7'    steps:      - checkout:          path: /repo      - configcat/install-validator      - configcat/execute-validation


For more information and usage examples check the documentation of ConfigCat's Orb.