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Version: Config V2

Subscription Plan Limits

This page lists the limits of the different subscription plans. See the pricing page for more information about the plans.


Every value marked with a * in the table marks a technical limit. If you hit a technical limit contact our support team and we will increase it for you.

Config JSON downloads (million)52525010006000255
Network traffic (per month)20GB100GB1TB4TB24TB100GB100GB
Environments (per product)2350*50*50*32
Segments (per product)23500*1000*1000*33
Feature flags / Settings (per product)10100500*500*500*100010
Percentage Options (per feature flag)48500*500*500*84
Targeting Rules (per feature flag)48500*500*500*84
Targeting Rule comparison value length (chars)65535655356553565535655356553565535
Webhooks (per environment)13200*200*200*31
Permission groups (per product)12100*100*100*23
Audit log retention (days)73535750750357
Verified domains for SAML111000*1000*1000*11
Comparison value list length100100015000150001500010001000
Comparison value item length255255255255255255255