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ConfigCat Public Management API

The purpose of this API is to access the ConfigCat platform programmatically. You can Create, Read, Update and Delete any entities like Feature Flags, Configs, Environments or Products within ConfigCat.


If you prefer the swagger documentation, you can find it here: Swagger UI.

The API is based on HTTP REST, uses resource-oriented URLs, status codes and supports JSON format. Do not use this API for accessing and evaluating feature flag values. Use the SDKs instead.

OpenAPI Specification

The complete specification is publicly available in the following formats:

You can use it to generate client libraries in various languages with OpenAPI Generator or Swagger Codegen to interact with this API.

Throttling and rate limits

All the rate limited API calls are returning information about the current rate limit period in the following HTTP headers:

X-Rate-Limit-RemainingThe maximum number of requests remaining in the current rate limit period.
X-Rate-Limit-ResetThe time when the current rate limit period resets.

When the rate limit is exceeded by a request, the API returns with a HTTP 429 - Too many requests status along with a Retry-After HTTP header.


To authenticate with the API you have to fill the Authorization HTTP request header with your Public API credentials.

You can create your credentials on the Public API credentials management page.

Security Scheme Type:


HTTP Authorization Scheme: