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Version: Config V2

Datadog - Monitor your feature flags events


Ensures that every setting change in ConfigCat is sent to Datadog as an Event.



  1. Have a Datadog subscription.
  2. Get a Datadog API Key. datadog_event
  3. Open the integrations tab on ConfigCat Dashboard.
  4. Click on Datadog's CONNECT button and set your Datadog API key.
  5. OPTIONAL - Set the proper site of your Datadog account. More about Datadog site.
  6. You're all set. Go ahead and make some changes on your feature flags, then check your Events in Datadog.


  1. Open the integrations tab on ConfigCat Dashboard.
  2. Click on Datadog's DISCONNECT button.

Event details

Every event sent to Datadog by ConfigCat has a source property of configcat and tagged with the product_name, config_name and environment_name where the change has happened.

Searching for Events

For example here is how to search for events that happened in the production environment: sources:configcat production