plan calculator

Calculate your monthly usage and find the best plan for your needs.

Config JSON download count

Get a forecast on how many config JSON downloads your applications will perform.

Sessions in a month

  • For Frontend/Mobile: Enter the number of user browser or user sessions.
  • For Backend: Enter the total number of your server instances or nodes.

Avg. Session Duration in minutes

  • For Frontend/Mobile: On average, how long your users spend in your app?
  • For Backend: Enter 43800, that's the average number of minutes in a month.

Polling frequency in seconds

Seems like you'll have about 43.8 Thousand config JSON downloads in a month.

The Free plan should work for you taking the future config JSON downloads into account.

Network Traffic

The network traffic depends on multiple factors, like the size of your config JSON files, the frequency of the changes and on how many clients are downloading the config JSON files. Read more in the docs about network traffic.

Here are a few examples of config JSON file sizes to give you a rough idea:

Config JSON complexityNetwork Traffic
# of feature flagstargeting rulesfirst download sizeno change*
11none0.5 kB65 B
17few1.6 kB65 B
370many159 kB65 B

* HTTP 304 Not Modified response is returned if there was no change in the config JSON file since the last download.

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