We offer ConfigCat as a hosted feature flag service. As such, ConfigCat will run on a totally separate infrastructure and all maintenance and operating costs are covered by us.

Dedicated plan

What's included?

  • We'll install a standalone instance of the ConfigCat service (including the database, CDN and Dashboard). See the Architecture.
  • A dedicated URL of your choice such as example.configcat.com
  • All the features that are already available in our shared infrastructure plans.
  • Upgrades: New features, continuous bug and security fixes only after your approval.
  • 6 CDN nodes serving 6 billion config JSON downloads each month
  • 13 geo-locations placed around globally to freely choose from.
  • Support: 4 hrs / month dedicated live assistance from our engineering team.
  • Instructions & manuals: Step by step guide on how to use your hosted instance.
  • Management API: To provide management access to your feature flags programmatically. See API Docs.
  • SDKs: Supporting multiple technologies and programming languages to download and cache feature flag values. SDKs on GitHub.

Data center locations

You can drop your CDN nodes to any of the following locations:

  • Europe: Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt
  • Americas: New York, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, Toronto
  • Asia & Oceania: Singapore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Sydney, Tokyo


If you need more config JSON downloads, you can always add more CDN nodes to the pool. Here is our Plan Calculator to help you with the forecasting.

total downloads / monthavg. downloads / secmax. spike downloads /sprice / month
Included in the hosted plan6,000,000,000~2400~4800-
Every additional CDN node+ 1,000,000,000+ ~400+ ~800+ €200 or $230

Enterprise grade

  • Unlimited Users.
  • Unlimited Flags.
  • Unlimited Targeting Rules.
  • Unlimited Environments.
  • Audit Logs.
  • Custom permissions.
  • Multi-factor Authentication.
  • SSO.
  • Dedicated priority support.

Legal, compliance, price

Going through due diligence, signing agreements and negotiating a custom price can take a lot of time. We have prepared a few things that simplifies the process, so you can have your hosted instance as fast as possible. ConfigCat's On-Premise plan is available at a flat price if you accept the standard agreement. We can provide all the information you will need to perform a due diligence check.

Is ConfigCat a Launch Darkly alternative?

ThoughtWorks says "ConfigCat is like LaunchDarkly but..." And we allow you to have your own ConfigCat instance and have to worry about the hosting and operations.

ConfigCat is cross-platform

Cat with a chat cloud