Portico Success Story

Portico is a platform that helps to support property managers in their growth journey. Read how Portico uses feature flags to enhances their commitment to efficient development and deployment.

Portico Powers Growth with ConfigCat

The Company

Portico, a company on the rise, entered the market just 8 months ago. What sets them apart is their ability to infuse technological solutions into existing markets, carving out a unique niche for themselves. Their ambitions for the near future are straightforward: grow and scale. With an eye on a rapidly expanding user base, Portico is poised for significant success.


Behind Portico's innovative solutions is a nimble engineering team of 5 individuals. Their achievements in technology are many, but one stands out—Portico has adopted an event-driven, cloud-based, distributed architecture that seamlessly integrates ConfigCat into both staging and production environments. ConfigCat is at the heart of their frontend app and all their microservices, powering two essential applications: a dashboard for in-depth insights and a dynamic marketplace.

Use Case

Portico's journey with ConfigCat began with a clear motivation. They had already invested substantial effort in crafting a robust CI/CD pipeline and rigorous testing practices to enable rapid development and deployment. However, they recognized that feature flags were the missing piece to maintain this methodology effectively. For Portico, ConfigCat is a tool that benefits both engineering and product teams. Engineers use it as part of their Definition of Done (DoD), while the product team independently controls the release of specific features to specific customers. Portico's commitment to ConfigCat is demonstrated by their usage duration—since day one in production, and for over 3 months now. As they delve deeper into ConfigCat's capabilities, they appreciate its simplicity and the flexibility it offers through customer segmentation. Portico's real-life examples of ConfigCat in action include catering to a multi-tenant application by targeting customers based on their tenants. They also have plans to leverage percentage-based rules for future A/B testing. When considering feature flag service alternatives, Portico evaluated LaunchDarkly but ultimately chose ConfigCat due to its strong recommendations and superior fit for their needs. And, like any journey, there have been lessons learned along the way. Portico once spent two hours investigating an issue, only to discover they had forgotten to turn on a feature flag—a testament to the importance of vigilance in feature management.


In a short span, Portico has embraced ConfigCat to fuel their growth, and as they continue to scale, they are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of feature management and software development.

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