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Config V2: The Next Generation of ConfigCat

· 2 min read
Alex G. Mircean

We're proud to finally announce that Config V2 is going live soon! Config V2 is our all new feature management system that comes with great improvements over our last version. It's coming with a bunch of exciting goodies: fresh functionality, a revamped user interface, and increased user-friendliness to make navigating the system a breeze.

What's new in Config V2?

  • Enhanced Targeting with AND Conditions: Define complex rules, like targeting users with specific email prefixes, countries, and more using AND conditions.

  • New Comparators: Create flexible targeting rules with new comparators for texts, arrays, and dates, broadening your rule-creation capabilities.

And Condition Comparators

  • Prerequisite Flags: Implement flags that depend on other feature flags, simplifying feature rollout management.

  • Comparison Value Hints: Add descriptions to comparison values for clearer insights and organization.

  • Percentage Options in combination with Targeting Rules: Create more complex Targeting Rules with Percentage Options.

  • Custom Percentage Attributes: Create Percentage Options based on any of your user attributes.

Stay tuned for the release of Config V2 in the coming weeks, and discover how it can help you manage your features better than ever before.

Check out the new features in action: