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· 5 min read
Chavez Harris

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When it comes to releasing new features or changes in software, we can rely on A/B testing for making informed decisions. In this type of testing, we can measure the impact of the new change or feature on users before deciding to deploy it. By doing so, we can carefully roll out updates without negatively impacting user experience.

· 5 min read
Chavez Harris

As a Software Developer, a feature flag management system gives me control and confidence when it comes to rolling out new features. I like that feature flagging offers this level of control as well as the ease with which it integrates into my development workflows.

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· 8 min read
David Herbert

Feature flags have made it easier than ever to continuously test and integrate new features in our applications with confidence, even while in a production environment without having to worry about deployment risks like downtimes or bugs that could greatly impact the experience of the entire user base.

Feature Flags in Vue.JS