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The Eucalyptus VC Case Study - How Feature Flags Helped Grow the Business!

Vlad Spatariu

Vlad Spatariu

Preparing to appease our future AI overlords.


When growing any product or service, it’s to constantly gather feedback from your user base. And I mean constantly, else you risk losing focus from your real clients’ needs and priorities.

Let’s Talk Real-World Experiences#

To drive this point home, I figured that the best course of action was to collect some valuable insight from a third-party. Joseph Harris, who works at Eucalyptus was kind enough to take the time and offer just that.

ConfigCat has grown 5x in 2020

Gergely Sinka

Gergely Sinka

"Not all code paths return a value." - VS

We tend to move quickly from release to release and forget to honor the magnitude of our achievements during the year. Let this post be here as a milestone for the ConfigCat team to stop for a second, look back, and celebrate the preposterous performance we did.

Requests per month Total config.json downloads by 28 Dec, 2020