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· 6 min read
David Herbert

As customer expectations keep evolving, we are also looking for new solutions to meet these expectations.

We want to introduce an alternative way to access the features and functionality of our platform via our Public Management API.

Public Management API banner

The Public Management API makes it easier to test and control your feature flags by providing more flexibility in how you create, read, update and delete any entity within ConfigCat, such as feature flags, configs, environments, or products.

This API enables users to have a programmatic interface to access the same functionality on the ConfigCat Dashboard UI, which can be especially useful for tests, tools, or scripts. The benefits should already be obvious to anyone familiar with public API systems. However, if you are not, we'll explore how you can make feature requests quickly and easily using this feature, all without writing any external code.

· 6 min read
Endre Toth
David Herbert

ConfigCat hero image

Feature flags are a great way to control the release of new features in your software. They allow you to easily turn new features on or off without redeploying your code.

However, when implementing a feature flag in an application, we may want to customize its management after the initial release, i.e., schedule an incremental release/delivery strategy that is carried out automatically or schedule future changes to a flag's targeting rule that can take effect at specific time intervals.

For example:

  • Activate a flag’s config by date and time. For instance, release a feature at noon on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Gradually increase the discount value of an ongoing promotion at specific times of weekdays.
  • Enable a feature only on weekends or on weekdays.
  • Three days from today, turn on a feature for internal testing and enable it for public use a week later.