Effective date: Sep 24, 2020

ConfigCat (ConfigCat Kft, a company registered in Hungary under company registry No. 01-09-352162, and having its registered seat at 1136 Budapest, Tátra utca 5/A 1. em. 2. ajtó, Hungary, hereinafter referred to as "ConfigCat", "we", "us" or "our") thanks you for choosing its on-premise software product(s) for feature flag and configuration management (the "Licensed Products") according to your order form ("Order").

Please note that this On-Premise Software License Agreement ("Agreement") forms an entire agreement together with the Terms of Service Agreement (collectively, with ConfigCat's Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Service Level Agreement, the "Terms of Service") that govern your use https://configcat.com website (the "Website") and the services, features, content or applications operated by ConfigCat (together with the Website, the "Services"), and provided to the Customer (the "Customer", "user", "sub-user", "you" or "your") (available here: https://configcat.com).

This Agreement is effective on the date the Customer signs the Agreement, or installs the Licensed Products and thereby agrees to the terms of this Agreement (the "Effective Date").

For the purposes of this Agreement "Licensed Products" means collectively the On-Premise Software (the "Software" shall mean the computer programming code developed by ConfigCat including executable and non-executable application files that the Customer may download or receive on electronic media), the content, and Enhancements provided by ConfigCat. Some components of the Licensed Products are defined separately in Section 3 point b).


1. License

a) This is a license agreement and not an agreement for sale. The Licensed Products and all related materials ("Documentation" means the current technical and user documentation for the Licensed Products if such is provided by us with the Software) are proprietary to ConfigCat. As long as the Customer complies with the terms of this Agreement, we will grant a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to install, access, and use one instance of the Licensed Products during the Term as described herein, without the right to sublicense.

b) Customer shall have the right to host the Software internally. Customer is authorized to install, and use the Licensed Products on its servers with authorized user access ("Authorized User" means an employee of Customer who has been authorized by Customer to use the Licensed Product). Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer is responsible for compliance of this Agreement by all Authorized Users. Therefore, Customer shall be responsible for any breach of this Agreement by any Authorized User or any other employee, agent, customer or contractor of Customer. Customer also maintains all responsibility for determining whether the data or information generated from Customer's use of the Licensed Products is accurate or sufficient for Customer's purposes.

c) Upon prior written notice to us, Customer may permit a third party contractor to access and use the Licensed Products solely for the benefit of the Customer, so long as: (i) the contractor agrees to comply fully with all terms and conditions of this Agreement; (ii) Customer remains responsible for the contractor's compliance with this Agreement, and any breach; and (iii) the contractor is not a competitor of ours.

2. Use of Licensed Products

a) Customer is responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the Licensed Products.

b) Customer may install one instance of the Licensed Products for production purposes.

c) Customer may install a reasonable number of additional instances of the Licensed Products and Documentation solely for back-up or disaster recovery purposes. The Documentation may be modified by us from time-to-time to incorporate Enhancements on our sole discretion. Customer must reproduce all copyright, trademark, trade secret and other proprietary notices in its instances. The back-up or disaster recovery instances can only be used to perform disaster recovery testing.

d) For the Licensed Products, Customer will not, especially:

  • sublicense, sell, rent, lease, lend, time-share, disclose, transfer, or host the Licensed Products, Documentation, or confidential, or proprietary information to, or for any other parties;
  • build a competitive product, or service;
  • make, or have made a product using similar ideas, features, functions or graphics of the Licensed Products;
  • make Derivative Works, except for using the Licensed Products for the Customer's own legitimate business interest as defined in Section 3.b point (i);
  • use the Licensed Products to modify, or reproduce third party material unless the Customer has the legal right to do so;
  • attempt to unlock, or bypass the license key of the Licensed Products;
  • alter, remove, or obscure any patent, copyright, or trademark notice in the Licensed Products or Documentation;
  • reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble, or remove functions of the Licensed Products, or any portion of them;
  • create instances of the Licensed Products or Documentation, except as authorized;
  • modify, alter, or change the Licensed Products;
  • use components of a Licensed Product independent of the Licensed Products they comprise; or
  • extract any data from the Licensed Product and use such data for any purpose other than for Customer's use of the Licensed Product.

3. Ownership

a) Customer acknowledges, and agrees that we own:

  • all worldwide right, title and interest in, and to the Licensed Products, and all Intellectual Property Rights embodied in the Licensed Products,
  • data, and confidential information made available to Customer, and
  • any, and all Derivative Works, Software Update Release, Software Upgrade Release, and other improvements, or modifications ("Enhancements") thereto whether, or not made in conjunction with this Agreement.

b) For purposes of this Agreement:

  • "Derivative Works" means any work derived from the Software, or in which the Software (or any part thereof, excluding any SDKs as defined hereinbelow) is an integrated component. Since ConfigCat's SDKs should be integrated into the Customer's own Software, such integration and the result thereof shall not be considered Derivative Work. However, any other type of Derivative Works, especially, but not limited to the integration of other components of the Licensed Products (including but not limited to the Dashboard, or the CDN of ConfigCat) are strictly prohibited.
  • "Software Update Release" means an embodiment of the Software that delivers minor performance modifications, improvements, erasures, or enhancements of existing features and/or functionality to the Software.
  • "Software Upgrade Release" means an embodiment of the Software that delivers substantial performance improvements, architectural changes, or new features and/or functionality to the Software, for which ConfigCat may charge a separate license fee according to the Order;
  • "SDK" means ConfigCat's Software Development Kit distributed to the Customer;
  • "Dashboard" means the ConfigCat user interface for the Services;
  • "CDN" shall mean the Content Delivery Network components of ConfigCat.

c) The Licensed Products include essential and yearly Enhancements and corrective programming to the Software, and the Documentation that are provided as part of support services ("Support Services") as described in Section 5.

4. Term and Termination

a) Unless terminated earlier (as described in this Agreement and the Terms of Service), this Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date and remain in effect for a period of 1 (one) year (the "Initial Term"). The Initial Term shall be automatically renewed for successive 1 year periods (each a "Renewal Term"), unless either party notifies the other party in writing of its intention not to renew this Agreement at least 30 (thirty) days prior to the end of the Initial Term or any Renewal Term, as the case may be.

b) All rights granted under this Agreement terminate immediately upon termination or expiry of this Agreement. Upon termination of such rights, the Customer must immediately cease all use, un-install and destroy all instances of the Licensed Products and Documentation, and must certify in writing its compliance with this Section upon our request.

c) We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate the Agreement with the Customer, and its access to all, or any part of the Licensed Products at any time, with or without notice. Termination may occur, including but not limited to, as a result of the Customer's violation of any of this Agreement, or any applicable law and shall be effective immediately.

5. Enhancement and Support Services

a)Subject to this Agreement, we provide Software related Enhancement, and corrective programming services, including (i) Software Upgrade Release once a year and (ii) a critical security patch any time we find a critical security flaw in the Licensed Products ("Support Services").

b) We may, to the extent available, deliver the Licensed Products, or Enhancements electronically via the Internet in a way that ConfigCat deems most appropriate (e.g. via e-mail, or any cloud-based repository).

c) As part of the Support Services, Customer may request us to provide certain services (e.g. support of installation, maintenance, or training) related to the Licensed Products included in the Annual Fee up to 4 (four) hours per month. Should Customer require Support Services beyond the monthly package of 4 (four) hours ("Additional Support Services"), Customer shall pay an hourly rate of EUR 150 according to Section 5.d and Section 6. Please note that ConfigCat reserves the right to amend the above referred hourly rate in its sole discretion from time to time. In that case, ConfigCat will notify the Customer by email, or by posting an announcement on the Website; such amendment shall apply prospectively only, but shall take effect immediately.

d) ConfigCat shall be under no obligation to perform the requested Additional Support Services unless ConfigCat accepts such request in writing. Any Additional Support Services to be provided will be included in a statement of work ("SOW"), which shall describe the scope of such Additional Support Services.

6. Fee

a)Customer shall pay an annual lump sum fee for the Licensed Products, Documentation, Enhancement, and Support Services according to this Agreement, his/her Order and the Terms of Service ("Annual Fee").

b) ConfigCat may charge a separate license fee for yearly Software Upgrade Release or include this separate license fee into the Annual Fee.

c) Our current prices are available here: https://configcat.com/pricing.

d) The fee of any Additional Support Services based on a SOW will be billed weekly.

7. Entire Agreement

This Agreement with the Terms of Service is the entire agreement between us and supersedes all prior written or verbal agreements, proposals, understandings and discussions. Please note that ConfigCat reserves the right to amend, or modify this Agreement in our sole discretion from time to time, with prior written notice to the Customer. Otherwise, the laws of Hungary, especially the provisions of Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright shall apply to this Agreement.

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