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Update Member Permissions



This endpoint updates the permissions of a Member identified by the userId. This endpoint can also be used to move a Member between Permission Groups within a Product. Only a single Permission Group can be set per Product.


Path Parameters

    organizationId uuidrequired

    The identifier of the Organization.

    userId stringrequired

    The identifier of the Member.



    permissionGroupIds int64[]nullable

    List of Permission Group identifiers to where the Member should be added.

    isAdmin booleannullable

    Indicates that the member must be Organization Admin.

    isBillingManager booleannullable

    Indicates that the member must be Billing Manager.

    removeFromPermissionGroupsWhereIdNotSet boolean

    When true, the member will be removed from those Permission Groups that are not listed in the permissionGroupIds field.


When the update was successful.