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Version: Config V1 (legacy)

Auth0 Identity Provider

Connect ConfigCat with Auth0 via SAML.


Each SSO Identity Provider requires specific information to configure a SAML integration. The following guide will walk you through how you can connect ConfigCat with Auth0 as a SAML Identity Provider.

1. Create an Application in Auth0

  • Log in to Auth0, select Applications from the menu, then click Create Application.

    Auth0 applications
  • Enter a descriptive Name, select Regular Web Applications, then click Create.

    Auth0 app name
  • Select the Addons tab, and click SAML2.

    Auth0 enable SAML

The next step will guide you on how to collect the information required for the appearing configuration dialog.

2. Configure SAML for the Auth0 Application

  • Open your organization's authentication settings on the ConfigCat Dashboard.

    ConfigCat authentication settings

    ConfigCat Add Identity Provider
  • Give a name for your Identity Provider, and click Create.

    ConfigCat Name Identity Provider
  • From the next section of the dialog, copy the following values and paste them into the Auth0 configuration dialog.

    • Entity ID -> "audience": "<entity-id>" in the configuration JSON below.
    • Assertion Consumer Service -> Application Callback URL
    • For Settings, use the following JSON value:
    "audience": "<paste-your-entity-id-here>",
    "signatureAlgorithm": "rsa-sha256",
    "nameIdentifierProbes": [
    ConfigCat ACS configuration Auth0 ACS configuration
    • Click on Save.

3. Configure ConfigCat with SAML Details from Auth0

You can choose one of the following options to configure ConfigCat with SAML Identity Provider metadata.

  • Copy the URL of Identity Provide metadata.

    Auth0 metadata URL
  • Paste the copied value into the Metadata URL field at ConfigCat.

    ConfigCat metadata URL
  • Select the trusted domains. Only user accounts from trusted domains can login with SAML SSO. You can bind multiple verified domains to a SAML Identity Provider.

    Select trusted domains
  • Click on Save.

4. Sign In

  • Go to the ConfigCat Log In page, and click COMPANY ACCOUNT - SAML.

    ConfigCat SAML login
  • Sign in with your company email address assigned to the Auth0 application.

    ConfigCat SAML company login
  • ConfigCat will redirect you to Auth0's sign in page. Type your credentials, and click Continue.

    Auth0 login
  • You should be redirected to ConfigCat signed in with your company account.

5. Next Steps