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Version: Config V2

Plans, Purchase & Billing


ConfigCat is a feature flag service with unlimited team size, awesome support, and a reasonable price tag. You can use ConfigCat by subscribing with an email address which is free forever. Additionally, we offer three more plans with fewer limitations and more additional features. For a detailed comparison check out the pricing table.

If you need a comprehensive table of all the business and technical limits of each plan, see the Subscription Plan Limits Table.

Shared vs Dedicated infrastructure

Free, Pro, Smart, Enterprise plans run on shared infrastructure. So all the customers are using the same API and Config Delivery Network.

Hosted plan has dedicated API and CDN nodes for their exclusive use, fully separated from the shared infrastructure. Dedicated customers can also drop their nodes to preferred geographic locations.

On-Premise plan includes only the distribution of the ConfigCat service via Docker containers. So customers can run the service on their own infrastructure.

Self-service vs Assisted plans

Free, Pro, Smart plans are self-service. Using any of those plans should not require manual assistance from the ConfigCat team.

Enterprise, Hosted, On-Premise plans include manual assistance from the ConfigCat team like filling forms, providing reports, reviewing contracts or setting up bank transfers.

How to purchase a ConfigCat plan?

You can purchase a ConfigCat subscription plan on the Plans page.


You must have a Billing Manager role in your Organization to change or upgrade your plan.

Our payment provider

If you select to upgrade your current plan, we are taking you to a third party provider called Chargebee. After completing the purchase, you are taken back to your newly upgraded ConfigCat account.


Credit card information is stored and managed by Chargebee, our payment provider.

How to update billing information?

You can update your billing info on the Manage Billing page.


You must have a Billing Manager role in your Organization to update your billing info.