Technical Writer


We're looking for highly technical content writers that wouldn't mind mixing their technical background with a passion for creating written content like news articles, user guides, product announcements, blog or social media posts.


  • Explain technical ideas in simple language.


  • Experience in coding or in software development is a must-have. We're looking for someone who can talk tech, understands code snippets and the underlying logic behind the covered technical articles in question.
  • A very good comprehension of the English language. We don't mind if you're not a native English speaker. However, the content that you create has to sound fluent and natural, to the extent where it'd be pleasurable for a native speaker to read.

We Offer

  • A fully remote position with a flexible schedule. Work on your own timetable, for as many hours as you want.
  • Good pay. Expect between 50 and 300 USD per article, depending on its specific assigned complexity tier.
  • Payment is released after each published article. You earn as much as you're willing to invest in terms of time and energy.
  • An opportunity to be part of a very friendly team that's always there to help you out with any blockers that you may encounter.

How to apply

  • Have a look at our Blog to see what kind of articles we're interested in creating.
  • The assessment should take about 45 minutes of your time.
  • The assessment will contain an English and a beginner JavaScript coding evaluation.
  • In the last part of the assessment, we will ask you to answer the 3 questions presented below. The assessment is timed and can't be paused once you start it, so it's encouraged to prepare your answers beforehand.


  1. Please introduce yourself in a few sentences. Where are you from? What should we know about you? What kind of content writing experience do you have? Add links to your previous articles, if any.
  2. Please do some research on feature flags and write a short explanation for software developers about "What is a feature flag?". Please use your own words. We are testing if you can explain quite complex things in a simple manner.
  3. Please do a little research on what ConfigCat does and write an elevator pitch about ConfigCat. It should be around 1 minute to read, and you can assume that the reader is a software developer or a project manager who has never heard about feature flags before. Please use your own words. We're looking for content writers who are able to explain fairly complex things in a simple manner.
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