Feature Flag Service

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A leading feature flag service that provides a friendly dashboard to manage features and several SDKs supporting all significant technologies. Just flip the visual feature toggles on the feature management dashboard to change the feature flag values, and let the SDKs distribute those changes to your applications.

Feature Management

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Product managers can do canary releases, target individual users, or have random-based percentage rollouts. Dark launch new features and mitigate release relates risks by testing in production.

Public Management API

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Development teams can create and update feature flags from any script or program using the API. It provides all the functionality of the dashboard but is built for programs.

Configuration Management

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Supporting DevOps engineers to manage application configurations remotely via a comfortable UI. Able to store string, number, and text-type variables on top of boolean feature switches. Mandatory notes and audit log helps the remote configuration management to stay compliant.

LaunchDarkly Alternative

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LaunchDarkly is a great service, but we have heard those asking for an alternative release management solution. ConfigCat offers a transparent, flat pricing structure, a simple UI, a forever free plan, plus all the security features even in the Free subscription. How does it compare to LaunchDarkly? We aim at 90% of the power with only 10% of the complexity.

Feature Toggle vs. Feature Flag

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The words feature flags and feature toggles are used interchangeably today, and there is a trend in how these words are used. The word “feature flag” is more likely to refer to a boolean in the source code that controls the code execution flow. The term “feature toggle” often refers to a visual toggle, a switch that you can flip on a visual dashboard to change the feature flag values.

Feature Flag Best Practices

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Software developers apply feature flag best practices like using their own consistent naming convention, leaving notes, keeping the feature flags' scope clear, connecting your feature flag service with your project management system (JIRA, Trello), and removing zombie (stale) feature flags.

Canary Release or Phased Rollout

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Product managers can deploy experiments to a smaller number of users first. And make them available for a wider audience only when confident. It’s good to roll out new features gradually and feature changes to production, test on low-risk user groups first and move slowly.
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Enterprise-level security features are available in all plans for site reliability engineers, including SSO, SAML, 2FA, because security shouldn’t be a question of money.

A/B Testing

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To do A/B tests, you have to solve two problems. First, you have to split your users into random segments. Then you have to measure the successful conversions. Percentage rules let you create random segments, and the ConfigCat SDKs help you send feature flag data into analytics tools to visualize the test results.

User Targeting and Segments

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Target a particular group of your users with segments. User segments can be assigned to multiple feature flags, making them ideal for beta testing.

Free Feature Flag Service

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The Free plan lets you use all features, including essential security features like SSO, multi-factor authentication, and SAML. You can use the forever-free plan to manage your features or evaluate the feature flag service in case the purchase decision takes longer.

Trunk-based Development

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At the code level, using feature flags is an alternative to using feature branches. Using fewer feature branches means less merge hell and a happier developer team.

Tech Debt

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While feature flags are a great way to decouple releases from deployments, having unused flags in the source code adds to the technical debt. Engineers can use the code scanner CLI tool to eliminate tech debt and help them keep the code clean. The zombie flags report warns about flags that are likely not in use anymore.

GDPR compliant

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We are in the European Union under the GDPR regulation. Your site reliability engineers can set up the service to store your data only within the EU. The EU-only option is included in all plans, even in the forever-free plan. You can always switch to the Global option that provides improved performance for your users outside of the EU as an alternative. Starting with the Dedicated plans, you can opt for other regions, including the US, Canada, UK, or Australia.

Open-Source SDKs

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They are supporting every major technology with step-by-step guides for easy integration. All SDKs are on GitHub, and we are happy to receive improvement requests. The SDKs are MIT licensed to use in your application without any restrictions.
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10-minutes Trainable UI

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Enables customer care and support professionals to be productive in managing feature flags on an easy-to-use browser interface. The feature management dashboard is designed to take less than 10 minutes, even for non-technical people to learn basic feature flagging. Just log in, flip the feature toggles, and see the application features turned ON or OFF.

Emergency Kill Switch

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Release with confidence and rollback changes if anything goes wrong. The emergency kill switch takes out the stress from the most critical point of the software delivery lifecycle, resulting in a more confident product manager, a content release manager, and a happy software engineering team.

Premium Support

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Reach out directly to the developers of the ConfigCat feature flags service. Book a live demo or consult on best practices with one of us who can talk tech. ConfigCat has support SLA and uptime SLA. Even users of the Free plan can get help through either our dedicated Slack channel or via email. We offer premium support starting from the Enterprise plan with dedicated support hours each month.


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SAML SSO allows your team members to sign up and log in via their company accounts using your Identity Provider (IdP).

Feature Flagging Tools

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Feature flagging tools are essential to ensuring development teams can release features with speed and precision. While there are many different types of feature flag tools, the core principles remain the same.

Feature Flag Framework Explained

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A feature flag framework is a game-changing solution for software development. To release new software features with speed and accuracy, you must have access to a robust feature flagging tool that’s capable of enabling and disabling isolated features at your team’s command.

React Feature Flag

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Are you developing user interfaces with React? You will understand the significance of having access to tools that allow you to deploy at speed and release interactive UIs with confidence.
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