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· 4 min read
Zayyad Muhammad Sani

Creating software products is a highly collaborative process nowadays. Developers, designers, product managers, marketers, and many others all work together to bring software to life and ensure a smooth experience for customers.

Though developers are responsible for building new features, the control of releasing these features might be better in the hands of people that are outside of engineering teams. We can give these people control with the help of feature flags.

Business presentation

· 7 min read
David Herbert

Product managers are responsible for deciding what products to develop that align with the company's goals and also satisfy the needs of the customers. To be a successful product manager, you have to start by defining what a winning product looks like and iterate over it until it's right. To do so, you have to understand that at its core, a product is broken down into its features and quality of user experience.

However, when developing these features, even after thoroughly testing them in your development environment for potential bugs and issues that may negatively impact user experience, it may not always be sufficient to ensure a successful release to users.