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· 11 min read
Emil Kovačević

A/B tests are a powerful technique to optimize user experience and maximize player engagement in games. They allow for informed, data-driven decisions, ensuring that game developers can regularly refine and enhance gameplay mechanics, visuals, and other aspects of the game, ultimately leading to higher player satisfaction and increased success in the gaming industry.

Let's see how to execute such a test in a game created with Godot, using ConfigCat for feature flag management and Amplitude for analytics.

Godot AB Test Cover

· 6 min read
Chavez Harris

According to an article published by CNET, the growth of the gaming industry is expected to increase. Due to this, new game titles are on the rise as greater demands are placed on gaming companies to remain competitive by keeping their users engaged with new features and updates. With the proper feature flagging mechanism, new features and updates can be effectively managed and released to users.

Using feature flags in GODOT cover