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· 11 min read
Emil Kovačević

A/B tests are a powerful technique to optimize user experience and maximize player engagement in games. They allow for informed, data-driven decisions, ensuring that game developers can regularly refine and enhance gameplay mechanics, visuals, and other aspects of the game, ultimately leading to higher player satisfaction and increased success in the gaming industry.

Let's see how to execute such a test in a game created with Godot, using ConfigCat for feature flag management and Amplitude for analytics.

Godot AB Test Cover

· 5 min read
Chavez Harris

Feature flags have equipped software developers with the ability to seamlessly roll out and roll back new features with the click of a button.

Due to their design and architecture, feature flags can be adapted and integrated into many languages and frameworks. They can also be used with other technologies to enhance or add decoupled functionalities. Using them in a real-time 3D creation tool like Unreal Engine is no exception to this.