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· 6 min read
Roxana Halați

Improving your digital product over time is a sure way to keep your target audience engaged and your business running smoothly. Rewarding specific users, such as loyal customers, can be an effective way of increasing customer loyalty and brand recognition.

In this article, I’m exploring how feature flags can be used in a C#10 console application for simple user targeting and feature management, while walking you through an easy-to-reproduce example.

Feature Flags in CSharp Cover

· 7 min read
Alex Milea

Software development and delivery is a dynamic process that requires constant adaptation and frequent testing. Therefore, how can you ensure that your code is reliable and secure? Can you test new features without disrupting or compromising service performance? How can you enable your teams to innovate quickly and efficiently?

The answer is feature flags.

Red cat launching rocket

· 4 min read
Chavez Harris

Continuous Integration and Continuous Development/Deployment, most commonly abbreviated as CI/CD has changed and improved the way modern software is developed and shipped. When compared to traditional approaches which had a definite end, the CI/CD process is always ongoing with a strong emphasis on automation. As a result, new features and updates are steadily released to end users. This puts a huge overhead on developers and stakeholders to manage features efficiently. But, with the right feature management tool in place, this can be streamlined and simplified without much overhead, if any at all.

ConfigCat feature flags in CI/CD pipelines