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· 11 min read
Emil Kovačević

A/B tests are a powerful technique to optimize user experience and maximize player engagement in games. They allow for informed, data-driven decisions, ensuring that game developers can regularly refine and enhance gameplay mechanics, visuals, and other aspects of the game, ultimately leading to higher player satisfaction and increased success in the gaming industry.

Let's see how to execute such a test in a game created with Godot, using ConfigCat for feature flag management and Amplitude for analytics.

Godot AB Test Cover

· 9 min read
Emil Kovačević

It has become very common to use e-commerce websites to conduct shopping. Today, e-commerce is a large and competitive market with many options for consumers to choose from. Because of this, E-Commerce companies need to find ways to differentiate themselves and retain customers. One popular method that companies use to improve their website's performance and drive up sales is to conduct A/B testing.

By doing A/B tests, businesses can test different versions of their web pages and app features to see which ones perform best with their audience.

A/B testing in .NET Cover photo

· 8 min read
David Herbert

The ability to make good decisions is often the leading factor in the success of a business. Yet, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to decide on what ideas to develop and content to optimize for users with certainty that it will perform as predicted.

Variation IDs Cover Image

Feature flagging is a vital technique that enables businesses to perform controlled A/B test experiments to gauge and analyze the impact of their decisions. A/B testing can effectively improve a business's overall performance and boost conversion rates by comparing and contrasting multiple implementations based on their performance with real users.