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· 9 min read
Roxana Halați

Releasing your digital product on the market is both an exciting and terrifying process. Whether you’ve created a mobile app or another type of software product, seeing it in the hands of real users is the ultimate achievement. But, simply building a wonderful product is not enough to ensure its long-term success. Over time, you’ll inevitably want to make changes and updates to your app.

But how can you be sure you’re making the right changes? It’s impossible to read your clients’ minds, but A/B testing might just be the next best thing. In this article, I’ll guide you through conducting an A/B test on an Android (Kotlin) application using ConfigCat’s feature flag management system and Amplitude.

A/B testing in Kotlin cover image

· 8 min read
Roxana Halați

Knowing what your customers expect is one of the most difficult challenges when developing a product. Your team may prefer a particular color scheme, whereas your customers may prefer a different one. Fortunately, even if you're updating as you go, you don't have to read customers’ minds.

Including A/B testing in your development process can help you ensure that you're always in sync with your customers and never have to second-guess your decisions. Furthermore, it is simple and inexpensive, and it has the potential to significantly improve the success of your work.

A/B testing in Java