Announcing free ConfigCat for students

Students should have access to the highest-quality education available. So we partnered with @GitHubEducation and joined the GitHub Student Developer Pack.


For students with world changing ideas

When I was a university student I had nothing else but awesome ideas on how to change the world and had very limited resources to do so. With ConfigCat we'd like to help by offering a free package tailored for students.

Learn feature flags with ConfigCat

  • Follow our step by step by step guide on how to implement feature flags.
  • Copy-paste automatically generated working code examples.
  • All our SDKs are open source, so you can see what's under the hood. Contributions are welcome.
  • We support .NET (C#), Java, Android, iOS, Node.js, JavaScript, Python, Go and PHP out of the box.
  • Join our Community on Slack and chat with the actual developers of ConfigCat.

Free for all Pack students

  • Awesome user interface to manage your up to 1000 feature flags, enough for all your school projects and world changing startups.
  • Invite as many team mates as you like and give them different permissions to your projects. They also can have their own projects.
  • Free access to all additional features like 35 days Audit Log, 2 Factor Authentication, Single Sign-on, Webhooks.

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