The feature flag service you are looking for

Transparent pricing. Easy integration. Unlimited Team Members.

Cloud icon to symbolize ConfigCat as a cloud service

Cloud based feature flag management.

Plug icon to symbolize easy integration

Easy integration and support for large teams.

Toggles icon to symbolize feature flags

Ready for A/B testing.

Target icon to symbolize user targeting capability of ConfigCat

Advanced user segment targeting.

We believe that easy integration between your application and ConfigCat is key. So we have created open source SDKs with detailed documentation and getting started guide for all major platforms.

Illustration of client side feature flag evaluation.

🛡️ Secure by design

  • Feature flags are evaluated on the client side.
  • Your users' data will never leave your system.
  • We only store and serve feature flag values and rules. No sensitive data here.
  • 256-bit API key, that can be rotated.
Laptop with the plans table.

💸 Transparent pricing.

  • Free: 0€, Professional: 49€, Unlimited: 199€, Dedicated: 1499€
  • Fixed prices, no surprises.
  • We don't charge you by the number of users you have.
  • We don't charge you by the size of team you have.

🏎️ No compromise on performance.

  • Instant access to feature flag values from the SDKs local cache.
  • Customizable update interval and caching strategy.
  • Fail-safe SDKs in case of a downtime.
  • 436ms average global response time.

🚑 The best support you can get

  • Live chat with the actual developers of ConfigCat via Slack.
  • We can talk tech and we can understand you.
  • We have lots of experience in the software industry from small to enterprise level.
  • You can discuss feature requests, that we actually implement.
Laptop with a screenshot of the Dashboard.

❤️ Created by humans for humans.

  • Comprehensive and clear documentation.
  • 10 minutes trainable user interface.
  • Language specific step by step guide for easy integration.
  • All our SDKs are Open Source. We have nothing to hide.


Billed monthly
  Free Pro Unlimited Dedicated
  Forever free feature flags for everyone. Industry leading deal for startups. Our most popular plan. On-premise or managed infra for enterprises.
  € 0 / mo € 59 / mo € 249 / mo € 1,799 / mo
  € 0 / mo € 49 / mo € 199 / mo € 1,499 / mo
Uptime (SLA)
Uptime (SLA) 99 % 99.8 % 99.9 % 99.9 %
Guaranteed requests
Guaranteed requests
5,000,000 / mo
~ 2 / sec
25,000,000 / mo
~ 10 / sec
250,000,000 / mo
~ 100 / sec
5,000,000,000 / mo
~ 2000 / sec
MAUs unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Connected instances
Connected instances unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Team size
Team size unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Trees planted 🌳
Trees planted 🌳 - 1 10 20
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Feature Flags &
Remote Configuration
Feature Flags & Settings
Feature Flags & Settings 10 100 unlimited unlimited
Environments 2 3 unlimited unlimited
Products 1 3 unlimited unlimited
Targeting rules
Targeting rules 4 8 unlimited unlimited
% rules
% rules 4 8 unlimited unlimited
Team Management
Team size
Team size unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Permission groups
Permission groups 1 2 unlimited unlimited
Security & Access
2FA checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
SSO checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Azure Active Directory
Azure Active Directory checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Audit log
Audit log checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Audit log retention
Audit log retention 7 days 35 days 35 days 35 days
Product Demo via video conference
Product Demo via video conference checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Email checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Live Chat
Live Chat checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Slack Community
Slack Community checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Integrations & Notification
Webhooks 1 3 unlimited unlimited
Slack checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
CircleCI checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
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Free access to Student Plan via Github Student Developer Pack.