ConfigCat allows you to remotely manage your own and your clients software by providing an easy to follow user interface that lets you configure and make changes to the software without needing to release or deploy new versions! This allows you to spend more time innovating and less time scheduling!

  • Securing money: You can turn ON a feature remotely, right after your clients have paid you.
  • Peace of mind: You can release new features on Friday too. If something goes bad you just turn them OFF instantly.
  • Reduce your workload: You can delegate configuration work to non-technical people too, or let your clients self-serve their own needs.
  • Like a pro: You can deploy new features and turn them ON right when you need them.

Without needing to develop, build, test and deploy, you can:

  • Display a new message to your users in your software.
  • Apply a "Happy New Year" theme to your application remotely and switch back to the Normal theme later.
  • Turn OFF Registration and Login in your mobile apps, while maintaining backend control.
  • Turn ON debug mode in your programs remotely.
  • Change API keys or connection strings remotely.

You integrate ConfigCat with your program, and after that you can remotely:

  • Turn ON/OFF features
  • Modify style
  • Update text